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Our Acemannan extract from a 3,000-year-old miracle healing relieving soothing aloe vera species helps balance your immune system response.

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The immune system defends our body against invaders—for example, viruses, bacteria, and other foreign bodies. The presence of these antigens in the body normally triggers an immune response.  Acemannan, a natural polysaccharide molecule, helps to regulate immune response by “activating” the immune components in our bodies.

Hey Aloe is the only beverage to contain A5-Imun™, the essence of pure Acemannan, the acetylated mannose ‘backbone’ that encourages balance in our immune system’s recognition and response, assisting in bringing order, method, and/or uniformity to it’s overall performance.

Mannose Receptors (MR) on the surface of cells such as macrophages, mature dendritic cells, and lymphatic and hepatic endothelial cells help bind, engulf, and ultimately process mannose-containing compounds.(McAnalley)  Decades of scientific research prove Acemannan’s effectiveness in opening these cells, allowing them to receive optimum hydration and nourishment.

Hey Aloe™ Active was crafted to support the immune system response to stress and inflammation while promoting cell recovery.

Aloe vera has long been known for its digestive properties and is used clinically across the world for ulcers and other digestive issues. Acemannan stimulates intestinal movement, thereby encouraging the elimination process.  Hey Aloe utilizes the highest efficacy species of the aloe vera plant to present cellular encouragement to the digestive tract.

Acemannan aids in the absorption of nutrients and water in the GI tract

Acemannan enhances stem cell production by as much as 400%; important in the body’s process of recovery from exercise and performance stress

Acemannan speeds wound healing by as much as 35%

Inflammation occurs when there is an infection or injury to the body. It is a way for the body to signal the immune system that it needs to start repairing and healing.

Stress responses have cell-autonomous and cell-extrinsic components, the latter contributing to tissue level adaptation to stress conditions.

Acemannan balances the cytokine response to physical stresses.

When taken orally, Acemannan can be detected in the blood within 90 minutes (Bhalang and Tompkins, 2015)

Macrophages are large white blood cells made in the bone marrow.  They regulate all immunomodulating functions of the immune system, facilitate wound healing and infection control and serve to detect and eliminate any foreign antigens or microorganisms.  Macrophages are activated by medium-chain polysaccharides called Acemannan.

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